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Three Simple Intimacy Secrets

You Can Use Now For A More Passionate And
Emotionally Connected Relationship

In this post I’m going to reveal how you can have a relationship filled with authenticity, honesty, fun, fiery passion, and emotional depth…

And if you’re like most of the women I talk to, you might be asking yourself, “Wait… you mean with a MAN?!”


It’s no fairytale. Of course no relationship is perfect, always easy, or completely free of challenge and even pain (that’s the problem with falling in love with humans… every one of them is messed up in one way or another-- including thy and I!).

But there are actual secrets, “tricks,” and wisdom that can give you the ability to teach your man what you really need, avoid his defensiveness and his bad programming… and actually GET IT ALL:

  • A man that prioritizes you and your needs and makes you feel special and desired
  • A relationship where it’s safe to talk about emotional issues
  • A sex life that is passionate, fulfilling, and emotionally connected
  • Love that is both wide with fun and deep with intimacy

And perhaps most importantly, once you start doing things the RIGHT way, not only do you get more of what you most want in relationship-- but because you’re relating with your man in this entirely new way, you avoid the common traps that most relationships stumble over-- which builds the foundation for that passion and intimacy to LAST.

| The Couple That Has It All

Look, I know it’s tempting to believe that this is all just hype and that I’m just talking about fantasy-land here… except for one thing:

We all KNOW a couple that has it all. They actually exist. That couple that go from honeymoon, to kids, to old age filled with love, affection, laughter, and deep mutual devotion throughout their lives together.

It’s easy to think they just got struck my magical lightning, or won the “relationship lottery,” but that would be a giant mistake.

I know, and have worked intimately with, many of these couples. My own parents had this kind of relationship, and I’m blessed to be living one, and it’s important you understand:

NOBODY has it easy in life.

For that “perfect” relationship to happen, a couple must struggle through personal insecurities and jealousies, sleepless nights with babies, the death of friends and parents, loss of jobs and financial anxieties, aging bodies, endless worry over the poor choices made their children, sudden and terrifying medical episodes, and more. Nobody gets out of this life without shedding some blood, sweat, and tears.

Yet somehow these rare couples manage to endure all that life throws at them without ever losing their love, passion, and devotion for each other. Through all of the storms of life, they have, at the center, an island in each other.

It’s important that you see this with clarity, because believing that it was luck is one of the things that holds other couples back from achieving this kind of happiness.

| The Woman That Has It All

One of the interesting observations that I’ve made, and you may have noticed the same thing…

Some women seem to always get lucky in love.

In fact, most of the time, if you knew the woman in that perfect relationship when she was younger, she was ALWAYS the woman that had it all when it came to men. Men seemed magnetized to her. Her relationships were always fulfilling, affectionate, and devoted.

Again, I’ve been studying these folks for quite some time, and if your observations are anything like mine, then you have to admit that she is probably NOT the most beautiful woman you know. Far from it. She’s likely pretty, I won’t argue it, but I have a clear notion based on a lot of data, and I’ll explain it further in a moment, that her fortune with men is, at best, only indirectly related to her looks.

That leads to 3 possibilities:

1) She’s just born lucky and is the only one who seems to accidentally meet the men who are loyal, emotionally available, skilled lovers, and mature communicators…

2) She has a special skill that most women don’t have for picking those rare men.

3) She has a special skill for CREATING THE KIND OF RELATIONSHIP that brings those qualities out in men.

It’s most tempting to believe that it’s all #1, and blind luck. But I think you know that just isn’t the case because you’ve seen the way MOST men react to her.

I don’t think anything in life is over-simple, and it may indeed be a combination of all 3, but if you look at mathematical statistics alone, it ought to be obvious that it’s mostly #3: Her skills at relating to men.

And that means that YOU can learn to do what SHE does.

| Making Passion Last

My Colleague, Dr. Esther Perel, author of the bestseller, “Mating In Captivity,” famously asked the question during her speech at TED:

“Is it possible to desire what you already possess?”

And in about the time it took her to ask that question on stage, she was launched into staggering fame, and became the toast of the town-- simply because she is a credible research scientist, who got up on an important stage, and said to couples, Don’t worry, just because you’re not that sexually interested in your partner anymore doesn’t make you broken.

She said the thing so many people are ashamed to say, and she made it sound normal… even scientifically inevitable. She said, in essence, it’s not your fault.

Well, with all due respect to my famous colleague, I call bullshit.

When she asks, “Can you desire what you already possess?” it sounds so profound-- but actually it’s a cleverly hidden pun. She’s mixing two meaning of the word “desire”...

Desire can mean a “wish” or “aspiration” for what we don’t have. In which case her question clearly must be answered, “No! You CAN’T desire what you already possess!”

But that’s not actually the subject of her talk!

When we discuss sexual desire, we’re talking about a normal biological urge that has nothing to do with wishing or aspiration, and to the degree that we can certainly feel it when we’re actually making love, we can clearly answer her question with a laughing, “OF COURSE!!

And the real world proof are those (admittedly rare) couples that, even decades into their marriages, still can’t keep their hands off each other.

When I was a teenager, it embarrassed me that my parents were like that. Today I understand that it was a blessing and a legacy that they bestowed upon me. The example that they set allowed me to create that kind of passion in my own life, and to successfully teach it to others.

Most couples today expect that the novelty that originally made their attraction hot and exciting is all that there is of desire, and when it necessarily fades, they are left with nothing.

Yes. Novelty IS exciting!

But if you want passion to last with a person you are falling in love with, then you are going to have to play into a space of other qualities that create the foundation for desire and excitement that is lasting.

| The 3 Simple Intimacy Secrets?

The three sections above could easily be the 3 Secrets I promised in the headline of this post, and if you just examine your beliefs in these 3 areas, I believe you’ll have powerful new tools for getting so much more of what you want from romantic and sexual relationships.

1) Couples that have it all are not just lucky. They go through the same setbacks and life challenges as the rest of us.

2) Women that end up with great men aren’t just lucky or pretty, and they aren’t just better at “choosing winners.” They actually have a set of emotional and relationship skills (probably modeled from their parents) that allow them to create higher quality relationships with men.

3) Lasting Passion doesn’t come from somehow hanging on to that sweet and sexy novelty at the beginning of a relationship. It comes from prioritizing, nurturing, and playing into entirely different aspects of your sexual and emotional relationship.

Getting clear on these limiting beliefs just might be enough to free you and make you realize you actually can have it all!

| Passion, Connection, & Emotional Intimacy In Your Lovemaking

A lot of people are under the misconception that “making love” is “sex with someone you love.”

If only it were that simple!

Unfortunately plenty of couples who are in love have disconnected and disappointing sex.  And let’s face facts, very few men are ever taught anything past boobs and clitoris.

In fact, if you ask most men (and I ask them for a living) what they think they most need to become better lovers, they’ll usually say a bigger penis, more endurance, and maybe a secret G Spot technique.

So how you can you ask for what you want and actually get it? How can you “train” a man to understand what you really need and want when they seem to either go deaf or panic when you bring this kind of thing up?

How can you get the sexual pleasure you deserve AND have a man who is still deeply connected to the heat of his masculine desires, and knows how to seduce you with his presence?

I actually think that for a woman who wants True Love, these are the most important questions for you to ask.

I started down this career path by writing a book, for men, about sex and pleasing women. And what I have discovered in working with men, women, and couples over the past decade, is that SEX is the best path to working on every relationship issue.

Sex is a crucible for learning deep and honest communication.

Sex is a mini laboratory for every other issue that comes up in working together to create a deep and meaningful relationship, built upon Love and trust.

Getting A Man To Listen, Be Unselfish, Remain Secure In His Masculinity, Stay Present, and Be Capable Of Making Me Feel Secure Enough To Open Up…?
And You Also Want Me To Believe In Unicorns?

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that when I counsel women I hear them say that finding a good man is impossible.

I hear them say that you can’t talk to a man about emotional issues without him shutting down, and getting him to be considerate of your feelings and actually be willing to do the work to LEARN how to please you in the bedroom is simply impossible.

I hear them say, “I am doing all of the work. I do everything he asks for to please him, but I never get it back in return.”

But I think you’d be very surprised to learn that when I counsel MEN (and receive hundreds of emails from them every month requesting help)... that they are saying the same thing!

That’s right, over the years I have heard from thousands of men: “I’m doing all of the work, and I do everything she asks for to please her, but I never get anything back in return.”

It’s enough to make a relationship author scream, “WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?!”

Here’s what’s going on:

Men are so shamed so much for any sign of weakness in our culture that they fear being seen as “weak” more than anything else.

As a result, when these issues are approached in anything but EXACTLY the right way, men shut down.

And not just with YOU. They shut down and instinctively lie about what they want and need from intimacy when they talk to other men too… And they often shut down and lie even in their own SELF talk.

(Actually, if you’ve ever spent any time in psychotherapy, or even reading about psychotherapy, you probably know that all humans emotionally shut down and lie in their self talk!)

What I’ve discovered that most people find surprising?

Men and women largely want exactly the same things when it comes to sex, intimacy, closeness, and relationships… but they lack a common language to understand that they are actually agreeing!

And the 3 Intimacy Secrets?

They are the 3 things that men have told me they most want from SEX.

And when you see what they are, I think it’s going to change everything about how you relate to men…

3 Secrets About Men & Sex
(That Most Women Will Never Know)

Several years ago I did a completely private and anonymous sex survey of over 20,000 of my male readers.

I asked them 2 questions: “What is the #1 thing you desire from women and sex, but can never seem to get,” and “What was the best sexual experience you ever had, and what made it so special for you?”

The results were so different from what I anticipated that they nearly blew my mind.

Not only would WOMEN never guess what the men said-- I’m quite certain that no MEN would ever guess either.

Men hide the truth from each other, and so we each feel alone with our desires.

If you were to just read a bunch of individual responses, it might actually look like you expected. Male sexual preference are all over the map… with some men, for example, had fetishes for dirty talk… others said they wanted to experience more bedroom role playing, threesomes, B&D… and everything else you can think of…

But when you look at the data as a whole, giving weighted averages to the few things that showed up on the results for nearly EVERY man, things look quite different...

Because there were really only THREE things that nearly every man I surveyed agreed upon.

| Men Secretly Crave This From You

It wasn’t large breasts… or long legs… or even a model-perfect body for that matter.

It wasn’t a dominatrix… more oral sex… threesomes… or complete sexual submission.

Here, in reverse order of overall importance, are the top 3 things that men said was either the secret to the best sex they ever had... or the one thing they most wished for from women, but never got:

| She’s A Good Receiver

That’s right, #3 overall among more than 20,000 men was to find a woman who was willing and eager to lay back and enjoy what they were doing.

While most women tell me that men are too selfish, disinterested in what women really want in the bedroom, and completely resistant to learning how how to please their woman…

The MEN themselves seemed completely consumed with learning how to become better lovers for their partners.

In fact, if you’ve read my blog post on “Letting Your Partner Make You Happy,” you know that good receivers are hard to find!

Letting your partner make you happy is a difficult skill in relationship, particularly when they aren’t necessarily already doing things in the way that you wish they would.

If most men are so deeply interested in how to please you… why does it seem just the opposite to most women?

In my experience, it’s because men have been disappointed, humiliated, and discouraged by failures in the past, and they are afraid of ever feeling like they are “weak” with a woman.

So even though they wish they knew how to please you… they just can’t ask, they can’t receive suggestions, and they get stuck in their heads trying to do some “How To” techniques they learned… if they are not too discouraged to try at all.

And I hope you agree, that if men really do feel that way (and I believe they do)... then there MUST be a way to bridge that gap, and communicate with a man about sex in a way that he can receive…

So that he can get what he secretly wants by giving YOU what you want.

| She Makes Me Feel Comfortable To Be Myself

The second most important thing that men want from women is to feel comfortable and safe being themselves.

I hear from women all the time that getting a man to be authentic… to be himself… to express the truth and the depth of his desire in the bedroom is nearly impossible!

So it’s extremely interesting (or just plain messed up!) that men WISH they could.

Once again it appears that men and women WANT the same thing, but seem to struggle in ever getting it. In fact, most of the time it feels like they are on opposite sides…

But it’s far more tragic than that. They are on the same side, but because of broken communication they feel like they are on opposite sides.

A lot of women, upon hearing this, will lay the blame squarely on men, who we all know have terrible skills in communicating emotional issues.

And that might even be true. But it’s certainly not the way a lot of men feel.

The men feel shut down, judged, made wrong, and forced to wear the “bad guy hat” in the relationship department, and so they go into defense mode, either tuning out or getting angry whenever these subjects come up.

And many men report that the best sexual experience they ever had was when they were with a woman who had a special gift of knowing how to put him at ease, let his guard down, drop his wired-up shame around his sexual desires and emotions, and feel open to really, authentically be himself.

| She Has Confidence In Her Own Body And Sexuality

This is the #1 Thing that the men said they mosted wanted from a partner. Men want a woman who is confident in her body, confident about her desires, and can openly talk about and ENJOY what she wants from sex.

The sexually confident woman is able to source her natural feminine radiance and her instincts about men, and give men unparalleled sexual experiences because when your partner is confident and comfortable with their body and sexuality… It gives YOU permission to be comfortable with your own body and sexuality too.

From the other perspective, when a woman has shame around her sexuality and body, it triggers a man’s shame around his sexuality and desires… and vice-versa.

That’s why it should come as no surprise that in another survey I did asking WOMEN what they wanted from men, the #1 thing on the women’s side was the exact same thing in the bedroom: A man with confidence in his sexuality, body, and masculinity.

Both men and women most crave the confident lover.

The woman who has this sexual confidence is irresistibly attractive to almost all men… and this has always been the case.

Even as far back as the ancient Roman Empire… When kingdoms were put at stake for the affections of Cleopatra of Egypt. The great men of the time became sexually obsessed with her… even though her looks were quite plain.

The Greek writer Plutarch, in his work The Life Of Antony, writes about Cleopatra:

"For her beauty, as we are told, was in itself not altogether incomparable, nor such as to strike those who saw her; but to converse with her had an irresistible charm, and her presence...had something stimulating about it.”


Cleopatra wasn’t known as a great beauty. But when she was in the same room with the most powerful men in the world, they couldn’t help but fall for her.

She was able to seduce and sexually captivate Julius Caesar. Then, after Caesar’s death, she captured the heart of the second most powerful man in the world at the time: Caesar’s best friend and famously handsome and bold general, Marc Antony.

Cleopatra is just one example, and there are many more throughout history, but the point is this:

Sexual confidence is the one thing desired most by men, and you don’t have to have model-perfect looks in order to trigger a man’s passion and sexual obsession.

| But What If You Don’t Have This Confidence Right Now?

According to well-known psychologist and television host Dr. Phil in a prominent article he wrote for Oprah’s magazine, that could be a major stumbling block to getting the kind of sex life you want[5]...

if you did nothing about it.

But there are select women from all over the world -- from Anytown, USA, to Bangalore, India, to Stockholm Sweden -- who are:

  • Learning how to teach their men how to please them sexually...
  • Learning the skill of making a man overcome his childhood shame to become emotionally open and authentic...
  • And getting their sexual confidence back (and in some cases getting it for the first time)...

All using the same proven system.

With this system, you don’t have to worry anymore about men who can’t open up and feel their emotions with you.

You don’t have to worry about bruising his male ego when showing him how to touch you.

You don’t have to feel unsexy naked, or pretend to enjoy something you don’t, or fake orgasms.

There’s no more hiding behind masks and facades to give your man what you think he wants.

And you can learn the real skills and principles behind building a relationship of lasting sexual and emotional passion.

This is a system I created in partnership with some of the top female sexologists, body workers and women’s coaches in the world, so there are years and years of proven experience behind the system.

Now with this step by step system, you can have the sexual confidence that makes you feel sexy… and… that men find so profoundly attractive.

Now you can have thrilling and soul-satisfying sex. Now you can have a deeply intimate connection with your partner. Now you can have deep and authentic sexual communication that most women only dream of having.

Our program is called Revolutionary Sex For Her, and it’s a virtual lifesaver for women who want to breathe life back into their sex lives and experience sexual confidence

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  • How to use your built-in “feminine secret” for healing, recharging your batteries and bouncing back from stress and emotional conflict stronger than you were before!
  • How to keep this often DESTRUCTIVE and “sneaky” hormone from sabotaging your healthy body, your sex life, and your happiness.
  • How to enjoy amazing relaxation in only 60-seconds. Simple and extremely easy!
  • Cure yourself of emotional eating” and stop beating yourself up over your food choices with a secret that is elegant in its simplicity, yet incredibly effective for many, many women.

There is so much you can get out of this program today, without having to wait around for things to get better on their own. And the great part is that all of these simple and effective secrets and tips have been proven to work with real women in real relationships.

You can’t always say the same for…

“Mainstream” Sex Advice

For example:

MYTH #1: All he cares about is his how you touch his penis.

Not true.

Men have many more erogenous zones than most people can believe. This program gives you a 12-zone “erotic roadmap” of the male body I guarantee you haven’t seen before. Once you understand how easy it is to greatly expand your man’s erotic pleasure, be ready for an “upgrade” in his level of devotion to you.

He may even lose his taste for porn!

MYTH #2: Men cheat because they want more “variety”.

This one is tough because it has a grain of truth to it.

It is TRUE that men crave sexual variety… and that is not the real reason why so many men cheat on their wives and girlfriends.

In the program, guest expert Adam Gilad gives you very clear reasons why men are driven to cheat. Not only that, but you’ll get simple strategies for keeping your man lovingly focused on you.

MYTH #3: If your body isn’t “wired” the right way for vaginal orgasms, you’ll be limited to clitoral orgasms for life.

This one frustrates a lot of women, because they want to enjoy vaginal orgasms like some of their friends, but they feel like they’ll never be able to have that.

The truth is, every woman has the right neurological “wiring” for vaginal orgasms. It’s just that some women need a little specific assistance to get things started in that department. That’s exactly what you’ll find in the program, laid out for you step-by-step.

Having the most pleasurable orgasms of your life, and the most incredible sexual connection with your man, is possible for you if you’re willing to take action. I invite you to join me today by clicking the link below…

| You Might Be Wondering...

→ “This sounds amazing, Alex. But isn’t there a catch somewhere?”

If there was a catch, I’d tell you about it now. But there isn’t.

You get a full satisfaction guarantee with an easy way to get a no hassle refund. It’s even easier for you than returning a pair of shoes to Zappos, because there’s no shipping involved. In addition, you get a full 60 days to try out the program risk free.

Plus, I’ve only included effective and step by step methods for:

  • Giving you deep, meaningful and honest sexual communication with your man...
  • Igniting so much lust in his belly that he practically loses control being around you...
  • Giving you deeply satisfying sexual ecstasy - including vaginal orgasms - without pressure or stress...
  • Making emotional intimacy and passion for each other last for a lifetime

| “Wow! This sounds amazing, Alex. But how much does it all cost?”

I’ve made this program affordable, because I don’t want you missing out on having the best sex of your life with your man.

Because of what’s at stake, a lot of women turn to private therapists for help and spend thousands trying to “fix” their sexual relationships. Even a single session can run you $150 or more (not always covered by insurance), and that might barely “scratch the surface” of how to improve your sexual relationship with your man. Not to mention, it won’t do anything to help you have a better orgasm… or unlock vaginal orgasms.

Today, I’m offering you this program at a price that makes it an absolute no-brainer for you.

For only $97 $47 (special limited-time advertising test!) can have everything we’ve talked about so far, including:

  • Deeper and more meaningful sexual communication with your man.
  • A clear “erotic roadmap” of the male body.
  • A step-by-step method to unlock the most powerful and surrendered sexual pleasure of your life… even if you’ve never had an orgasm before.
  • SEVEN “mystery” free Bonus Downloads. These are GUARANTEED to help you with your orgasm, your relationship, dating, and more! And they’re available right here when you order today.
  • And much, much more!

Plus... I almost forgot to mention the free PDF Action Guide… and… the now-infamous “Revolutionary Sex Guide To Oral Sex”, which you’ll be getting at NO EXTRA CHARGE when you place your order right now.

I am confident that you will get fast and lasting results with Revolutionary Sex For Her, and because it’s a digital download, you get near-instant delivery straight to the device of your choice.

If you care about your own pleasure and the sexual “connection” you have with your man… if you want a more passionate love life at home… if you want to feel “butterflies” in your stomach when your man casts a lusty glance in your direction... then please do not delay any longer. It’s easy to order now.

I also hate to bring this up, but imagine the cost of NOT taking action today. It could mean having to live with “ho-hum” sex… it could mean MISSING OUT on unlocking the deeply connected intimacy you crave in your relationship... it could even mean your man getting “disconnected” from you and looking outside your relationship for sexual satisfaction…

Why You Must Act Today And Not Delay

This is what it comes down to.

If you want this program at the special advertising price of $47, you must act now. If you leave this page and come back later, the price may be higher because my marketing manager keeps telling me I must raise my prices soon to keep up with the rising price of advertising.

The thing is, I know in my heart of hearts that when you take advantage of this special deal,  you’ll be so amazed by the astounding changes in your sex life that you’ll want to recommend the product to your friends, too. And the way I look at it, the more women I can help TODAY, the better, because you and the women you care about deserve to know these incredible sex and relationship secrets.

I invite you to take action right now because you truly deserve to feel your own sexual liberation… and… a stellar sexual and romantic relationship with your man.

“Alex, I want all of this now. How do I get it?”

It is quick and easy to order. Just click the Get started now button below. That will take you to the secure order page where you fill in your information. It won’t take you more than a minute or two to do so.

After that, you’ll get immediate access to a secure page where you can get started with the program right away. No waiting for anything to arrive in the mail - just the information you need to take your sex life to the next level - right now and without delay.

Click the Get started now button below to see what so many women are raving about! You will have instant access to the entire program, including the 7 free “mystery” bonuses, no matter what the time of day or night.

Do not delay any longer. The time to act is now. Click the Get started now button and see Revolutionary Sex For Her with your own eyes, at no risk to you.


If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you probably still have some questions about Revolutionary Sex For Her and how it works. So I’ll try and answer some of them the best I can right now. (Note: These questions are from composite characters… meaning they represent what women commonly ask about the program.)

“I’ve been married to my husband for years, and the passion seems to be mostly gone. We’re still good friends, but is it possible for this program to bring us together as lovers again, like we were when we first met?”- Bored

The answer is a resounding YES.

Many of my couples coaching clients faced almost identical circumstances. And they were able to overcome those obstacles because of the clear and simple steps I taught them. You could call it a “holistic” approach to mending sexual relationships, if you want. Either way, what matters is that it WORKS, and it’s working for the women who take advantage of this program.

“I love orgasms, but I have to use my vibrator to get ‘all the way there’, and I can only have an orgasm when I touch my clit. Will I really be able to start having powerful vaginal orgasms without a vibrator?” - Curious

It’s wonderful that there are so many quality sex toys on the market. But sometimes, women get stuck in sexual “ruts” because of how they use these toys. With this program, I personally guarantee that you’ll be able to unlock vaginal orgasms for yourself… even if you’ve tried and failed to do so in the past.

The steps are so simple any woman can follow along, even if you’ve been “hooked” on your amazing little mechanical “friend” for a long time!

“I’d love to have better and more satisfying sex, but I feel too unsexy after putting on baby weight and not being able to lose all of it. Will I ever be able to look and feel sexy again?” - Pessimistic

It’s perfectly natural for major life events and stress to cause you to put on weight. And you know how frustrating it can feel when the extra pounds are “stubborn” and won’t budge, even when you try diet after diet.
That’s why I’m so excited to share Andrea Albright’s easy and stress-free weight-loss method. You don’t have to count calories… carbs… fat grams… or whatever the “nutritional demon” of the moment happens to be. Andrea’s natural, pill-free approach makes it easy for you.

One thing, though -- because Andrea’s method has to do with your health and weight loss, I have to include an FDA disclaimer that you should consult with a doctor prior to trying any diet, and that this information is not intended to be represented or taken as medical advice. I am not a doctor, and neither is Andrea.

Now that I got that out of the way, I can tell you that Andrea has seen AMAZING changes with herself and her clients by adopting her revolutionary approach to diet. I think you’ll love hearing what she has to say because it’s helped so many women to look and feel sexy naked!

“I have some sexual trauma from my past that I don’t feel comfortable bringing up because it’s too painful. But I’m sure it’s sabotaging my sexual relationship with my man, because I can sense his frustration when I don’t get in the mood for him. He’s a good man and I really want to be with him. What can I do?” - Desperate

This can be hard because sexual trauma can be physical, emotional or some combination of the two. It is often laden with shame and can trigger strong negative emotions when you try to process it.

Conventional “talk therapy” can sometimes help, but it also can take years to achieve breakthroughs, if you even have one at all...

This program helps you deal with sexual trauma in a way that many conventional therapists have never seen or tried. It’s incredibly fast and effective, and I’ve seen it work over and over again, giving “hurt” women liberating sexual breakthroughs they never thought would be possible otherwise.

“I’m worried that my boyfriend will think it’s a turn-off when I tell him about getting this program. Is he going to feel like I’m trying to ‘fix’ him and just get turned off?” - Worried

Almost all men have a finely tuned “don’t tell me what to do” reflex. That is exactly why I’ve designed every tip and technique in this program to be “man-safe”, so he’ll be receptive to you and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Do you take Paypal?

Not at this time. That’s because your payment goes through a trusted and secure third-party payment company called Clickbank.
They do, however, accept major credit cards, including Visa and Mastercard.

Clickbank has been in business since 1998, which is practically an eternity in Internet years. In other words… you can trust that this isn’t some fly by night operation.

Is my payment information safe?

Yes, because our payment processor uses industry-standard encryption and best-practices for handling online payments.

When you enter your details on the next page and click the buy button, everything about the transaction is securely transmitted, so you don’t have to worry about your payment information getting stolen in transit.

This sounds great. But how do I know this isn’t all a big scam?

It’s understandable to feel doubts here, because this is the Internet and we’re not meeting face to face. The good news is that I’ve been at this for over TEN years… and… many, many women have already bought this program and experienced the amazing sexual benefits.

On top of that, the sex and relationship videos I’ve posted on Youtube have been viewed over 15 million times and I have over 30,000 subscribers to my channel. I love helping women, men and couples have better sex and lead happier, more fulfilled lives.

However, the real reason you should trust Revolutionary Sex For Her is because of what’s in the program itself. It’s based on best practices and time-tested principles. And everything is presented step by step and and guaranteed to give you results.

Within the 60 day trial period, you have the complete freedom to return the program if you decide you don’t want it… but I don’t think you will. I think you’ll be so happy with the changes in your life that you’ll want to hold onto it… and… even revisit it from time to time! That’s one reason why I made the guarantee so clear and easy to use.

I want you to try this program with complete confidence that it will give you more sexual liberation, pleasure and satisfaction.

Become A Relationship Genius Today!

YES Alex! - I Want to Secure My Copy of Revolutionary Sex For Her!

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This product contains adult language and situations  and is not
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For Passion,

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If I told you the next two minutes could unlock sexual and relationship breakthroughs that last the rest of your life, I bet you’d want that, wouldn’t you? All you have to do to get started is place your order now by clicking the Buy Now button for easy and instant access to the program.

P.P.S. Here’s the the full text of Debbie’s email :)

“It's Debbie, the one who was sending you all those emails at one time lol.....Well just got to tell ya. I finally did it. I finally got [redacted] to tell me that I rocked his world. Wow. Now instead of me basically begging him for sex he's begging me for it. I never thought the day would come that roles would get reversed. One little slip of the tongue and he went nuts. And not only that. I got him to read your book on the part of female ejaculation and we found a way for me to achieve it. I was busy concentrating on something else what I was doing to him and next thing I knew the bed got really wet lol...All new meaning to waterbed since that is the bed that we have lol.....We have become a lot closer to one another. Our relationship just keeps getting better and better. I fell in love with him over two years ago and it just keep growing and growing and constantly finding new ways to keep him happy. He told me the other night that it never gets boring with me and he never thought in a million years he would find someone that also liked to experiment and wear little outfits for him. I guess with my worries of him and the internet are pretty much over with. We are like soul mates in every way. I just thought I'd let you know. and thank you. It's greatly appreciated.”



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