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4 Things Men Want From Women Right Now

These dial up the passion in your relationship.

You embrace your feminine.

This goes beyond clothes, makeup, and accessories. This is finding your natural feminine attitude and not being afraid to show it.

It means temporarily stepping away from “logic” and rational conversation and embracing your feelings.

Scared he might run away? Don’t be. This will bring out his masculine side. And he’ll love you for it, because that makes him feel powerful. He’ll crave that “fix” he gets from being around you.

You are a challenge.

When you embrace your feminine and allow yourself to fully feel your emotions around your man, it makes you a mystery to him.

It also activates his “chasing” instinct, because men are drawn to a challenge. A woman who is willing to feel and express her emotions can make a man become obsessed with her.

The opposite of this is a woman who is afraid to express her true emotions because she’s insecure about the relationship, so she "fakes" who thinks she's "supposed to be" to please him.

Men can sense the record-scratch behaviour and it feels "needy," which you already know is an attraction killer.

Of course if you suddenly start venting all of your emotions with a man when it's inappropriate, he can feel like you are pushing or testing, and most women have experienced this...

That's why so many women shy away from showing their emotions, not realizing that it can be a magic key to attracting Mr.Right.

You “step outside” feminism in the bedroom.

That doesn’t mean you ignore your own pleasure. Far from it. The key is understanding the difference between your professional persona and your romantic persona. Giving yourself permission to receive and be led into an experience, gives him permission (and even encouragement) to lead the way, and opens him to his own, often unintentionally hidden masculinity.

Most men like to feel powerful in the bedroom.

If you want more passion, set aside what’s politically correct when you’re getting it on. You’ll get more passionate fulfillment from your man if you do.

You give him freedom.

It’s no secret that men crave freedom. But how you allow him to experience that freedom within your relationship can make all the difference.

Spending some time apart on purpose can add “sparks” to the connection between you and your man... so long as you adopt a “detached caring” attitude.

This means he knows you still want him… but you’re willing to “let him go” for a short time without constantly checking up on him. When you do this right, he’ll be thinking of you every day, multiple times a day.

Still, giving a man permission to experience his freedom within a relationship can be a tightrope walk for some women.

Some women take it too far and project a DGAF attitude. He’ll pick up on it and act accordingly, and the relationship will get weaker.

On the other hand, some women offer freedom but then backtrack on that promise with constant “check-ins.” That’s just relationship insecurity coming up again, and it turns good men away.

Add More Spice To Your Love Life

Every relationship has a Rose Colored Glasses Phase. This is when passion and attraction are easy. And what happens in the bedroom feels exciting and new.

It’s what happens after that phase passes that makes the difference between living a spectacular and long-lasting love life with your partner… or settling for “making do.”

If you’re interested in learning about 3 ways to add more “spice” to your love life today - no matter what phase of your relationship you’re in - then click this link to read more. You could transform how you experience intimacy.

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